Our Service Project initiatives: 

We are always open to new service project ideas — if you have a great idea, or would like to partner with us, won't you let us know??

Paper Heart

FALL 2022 
1st Annual Cans & Candy

Scare away hunger this Halloween!
This is a new initiative from one of our very own members to help stock our local food pantries before the holidays! We're sending our trick-or-treaters out with a wagon or backpack to collect cans (and other items) for our local food banks - be ready for them!  

Planned Parenthood Fundraiser
We came up with our own design to raise money for Planned Parenthood! We're planning on having t-shirts, long sleeve tees, hoodies, stickers, and car magnets in time for Election Day. Design is below, contact us if you're interested in purchasing an item (rham@wearemaeve.org).
100% of the proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood.

Sleep Out for Youth Homelessness
November is Homeless Children and Youth Awareness Month. We're in the process of organizing a Sleep Out to raise money and awareness for a local shelter. Interested in participating? Send us an email: rham@wearemaeve.org (and fear not, there will be virtual options as well)!

PP Fundraiser.png

Soles for Souls —
This nonprofit collects all kinds of used shoes, so long as there are no holes. This keep them out of landfills (where many of the materials will never decompose) and supports entrepreneurs in developing countries, the homeless, and those suffering from natural disasters.
Can you help us reach our goal of 50 pairs of shoes?

UPDATE: We surpassed our goal!!
Collected 69 pairs of shoes!! Thanks to everyone who donated!