MAEVE is a national non-profit, charitable organization that seeks to empower all who mother in support of one another and their communities.


I am. You are.

We are MAEVE.



In all its forms. Our one commonality and why you’re here. MAEVE believes every journey in motherhood is unique and valuable; we look forward to being a part of your journey.


With our members and their communities. We stand for and take tangible action to be anti-racist and support BIPOC and LGBTQ communities.



Creating a system of access and support for all members and their families. We believe there should never be a barrier to entry to MAEVE and providing quality resources to every member.


Building local friendship and support, one member at a time. Your chapter is your home away from home. A village to support you in all the ups and downs this mothering journey has to offer.



MAEVE is here to support you, to inspire you and to empower you to become a member or leader with the tools to create impactful change in your community.